Money Management Course


Stressed about not being able to pay your bills?

Not sure how to manage your expenses and debts?


Our CAP Money has been successful in assisting individuals and couples, regardless of your reading, writing or maths abilities, people with disabilities, young or older people.


Course – CAP Money is a course (3 x short sessions) to empower you to understand the key aspects of managing your finances better – topics include:

  • Building a Budget – including training use free online budgeting tool
  • CAP System – Using separate accounts to cover all your spending, bills & savings needs
  • Using cash rather than credit cards wherever possible
  • Effective Savings Strategies
  • Maintain a Budget during life changes
  • Debt Reduction

Our course is delivered in small groups, using short video content and allowing people to learn from each other’s experiences (without any pressure or expectation to share personal information)  

Workbooks provided also help people to focus on their individual circumstances & offer (financial related) activities to work on between sessions.


Coaching – CAP Money also provides confidential coaching support 1:1 with individuals or couples that need extra help on top of what the course provides.

We make it very clear to participants that we are coaches but not Financial Advisors and we do not promote any products or services.


Access to CAP Money is for anyone suffering from debt or stressed out by their financial situation

All ages & backgrounds are welcome to participate,

The service is free of charge including all materials provided.

Call 4982 1983 or email to speak to someone who can help.